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A while back, a company local to me, told guys to get to grips with thier skin. It was, needless to say a cosmetics brand, called Disguys, which provides guys with soft cosmetics for everyday use. The notion of the metrosexual male has long passed us as a novelty and are expectant of guys to take care of themselves and well, try a little bit harder. There have been times when most guys wanted to spreuce themselves up after a heavy-night out, or prior to a rough one but bar a little bit of moisturiser, came nowhere near to hiding a spot or a flair up. 

This new product is an intellegent cover up for men that conceals blemishes to give you an even looking skin tone - and comes in 3 tones. It is very simple to use as you apply and pat over the Disguys'ed areas until the concealer is no longer visable. It's all about the subtlty and I will be using it this weekend no doubt. 

For £9 it really is a great buy and is available from good ol' Boots and here online. 

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