Casa Bacardi, Sitges

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Whilst on holiday, Brad and I took a walk up to the newly opened Casa Bacardi, the white rum museum celebrating the namesakes heritage.  Last time I was in Sitges I was not aware that Facund Bacardí was born in the city but a full sized version of the above sculpture has been erected on the seafront in celebration of his life. 

We entered the small but perfectly air-conditioned venue and were shown some documents of his initial failings (he went bankrupt twice) and the museums own palm tree (each Bacardi property has one, referencing the oddly planted tree that stood outside the original factory in Cuba). We were also shown the progression of the famous and iconic bat logo which was used because the founders wife found a colony in the roof of the first factory and they symbolize prosperity, health, weath and all good things. 

The second part of the tour involved watching some sugar cane being squeezed through a press and then trying the molasses which looks like Marmite (my least favourite edible thing) and tastes like bad cough mixture. We were then shown some of the oak barrels that Barcardi is stored in and asked to try both stages of raw rum, and then finally the blended product as Bacardi is a blend of soft and hard distilled rum. 

After this we were shown how the perfect and certified Mojito and Cuba Libre is made and then invited to make one or the other. Both Brad and I chose the Mojito which are one of our favoruite drinks plus there was something more skilled it seemed about the minty cocktail. The making is very, very specific and is as follows after these few pictures of Brad and I... 


1) Taking half a fresh lime, cut into quartered slices. 

2) Take six sprigs of mint and clap between you hands to release the flavour. 

3) Add two heaped tea spoons of white sugar and
using a pestle crush and blend together without mushing together. 

4) Slide a leaf or two of mint to the side and centre of the glass.

5) Top with 3/4 crushed ice.

6) Pour Bacardi white rum for 6 seconds at a 45 degree angle. 

7) Add a 1/4 off crushed ice.

8) Top up with soda water.

9) Taking a sprig of mint, flap against your palm to release the flavour and decorate the cocktail.

10) Add a stirer and a straw to enjoy! 

We absolutly loved the experience and fully enjoyed the hour or so learning the history and craft of such an iconic brand. Lastly, the tour is Euro 7, which is astonishing value considering the horrifically poor Mojito & Co in Sitges town is an unsightly Euro 8 - and they don't even use limes! If you find yourself in Sitges, I highly reccomend a visit...

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