Worn Free x My-Wardrobe

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my-wardrobe.com is no stranger to on-trend and hott brands, and they have picked up LA based Worn Free.  I discovered this awesome brand visiting the lovely girls at the offices.

Their simple mission is to recreate the coolest t-shirts 'of all time', and have reproduced rock t-shirts worn by such legends as Debbie Harry, Kurt Cobain, Frank Zappa amongst the greatest role-call of names possible. The brand, since coming over from California has built up a cult following of musicians and trend setters in America and the UK such as Travis, The Kaiser Chiefs and Joel McHale.

my-wardrobe.com has a great hand-picked selection that are sure to sell out very soon. I think they have picked some of the best of the 126 t-shirts available, and the Rod Stewart 'Rio' and the Debbie Harry 'Doctor X' are my favourite, and with a great heritage story behind it. 

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