Topman Denim x Laurence Ellis

Style :

Topman Denim, one of the best selling and hottest lines within the Topman brand, has teamed up with up-and-coming young film director Lawrence Ellis, to showcase the range which will launch online at Topman on Monday 4th October 2010.

Like the brand as a whole, the film focuses on youth and identity and follows the journeys of Louis, Henry and Sid and of course, the new collection of the denim rage. The brand has been a pioneer of menswear over the past ten years, and has made the brand an International name.

The main reason for the films is to represent the denim range, but each character will wear and represent the collection differently. However, the film will conclude with the group but focus on each main characters perspective.

Topman will house all three films, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the characters and the director.

But what has Topman Denim got in at the moment, if you can't wait until October? I think the carrott and arc crotch style is a flattering, and on trend, style so here is my pick...



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