The Worlds Most Expensive Sandwich?

Style : OK, so it's not fashion but this is a men's blog and you know how much most of us like our food. And it's luxurious, so it all fits together nicely.

This weekend, I took a little trip with the family to Frome Show in Somerset, a country fare that has recieved some great press this week. For, on display, was the worlds most expensive sandwich, which is a record attempt, coming in at an eye-watering, less mouth-watering, £110.08/$170.00.

Created by Michelin stared chef Martin Blunos, the sandwich contains an array of ingredients, but the most expensive is the white truffle cheese, costing £92 alone. I like cheese on a big level, but that's just a little extravagant. But what else justifies the price, beating that of the club sandwich already the current record holder on sale at the sublime Cliveden House hotel in Berkshire? Lets see...

Pilgrims Choice West Country Farmhouse cheddar with white truffles: £92.00
Quails eggs: £1.53
Extra virgin olive oil: £1.60
Sourdough bread: £5.00
Epicure apple: £0.34
Two fresh figs: £1.36
Red Amaranth: £0.55
Red mustard frill: £0.55
Pea shoots: £0.60
100 year old Balsamic vinegar: £2.25
Heirloom black tomato: £1.51
Edible Gold dust: £3.30

Yummy? Or just an extravagant experiment...?
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