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I have just found out that the winner of Project Runway Canada is Biddell. I want MG to be winner, she is so French and stylish in her own way. I like her big glasses,too. I am posting her sketches from the competition .
For more pics and information go to Project Runway
These information about MG is also in the site, but you can also read it here if you want.

Marie Genevieve Cyr

Status: Out
Age: 25
Hometown: Montreal, QC

"Canadian fashion for me is something really, really commercial
and we need to change it. So that's why we are here."

Montreal designer Marie Genevieve Cyr worked as Assistant Womens Wear designer for a top Quebec fashion designer. The 25-year-old designer first studied in Montreal at Marie Victorin College, where she earned a scholarship to study costume design at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

She has worked in film and television as well as assistant designer to Montreal designer Denis Gagnon and has been featured in Elle Quebec magazine, Clin D'Oeil, The Montreal Gazette and Le Journal De Montreal.

Vices: I'm really stubborn.

Best outfit: Silk dresses in general.

Worst outfit: Leggings and a short T-shirt on someone big or anything gothic.

First celebrity crush: Jordan from New Kids on the Block.

Current celebrity crushes: Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp and William Hurt.

If you could be anyone for a day, it would be: Madonna.

Dream job: Well-known and respected fashion designer.

Worst nightmare: To be alone and miserable.

Favourite guilty pleasure movie: Stand by Me and It.

What's in your purse/manbag? Kleenex and Lipsil.

Last movie that made you cry: After the Wedding.

I can't leave the house without: Shoes and keys.

Most annoying traits: Being selfish.

Your inspiration: The true nature of human beings, the innocent, feminine woman.

Favourite food: Pasta in general and St. Hubert take-out.

Favourite designer: Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel.

Best song for sketching: Mount Wroclai by Beirut or any song by Arcade Fire.

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