LSoD Expands to Los Angeles

Style :

Over the past year or so, Los Angeles has been the biggest readership of the blog outside of Europe and as most of you have read, I have personally explored LA style, but there is so much I have missed. From the hottest stores stocking new and established designers, to the fashion district and even down to the thrift stores of Long Beach, LA city and county has so much to offer. 

From today, one of the most savvy and explorative people I know, Robert Boyer, will be the Last Style of Defense Los Angeles Writer who will up-date you and I  on what's going on, from style, news, products and events. Look, I have even done a cheeky new banner - it won't change for some time, as putting LA in would be a graphical squeeze, let alone its full name. 

So keep an eye out for unscheduled posts, and if you want anything covered that you are interested in, drop me a line on the email at the top right. 

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