Lou Dalton x London Fashion Week Menswear Day

Style :

Lou Dalton is one of the shinning stars of Menswear Day who, as a woman, really seems to understand how to dress men outside of a shirt, suit and tie. 

The intimate salon show produced a storming collection fresh for the coming season. We saw slim tailoring in muted grays, and single breasted jackets teamed with black shorts with pockets on the outside. One interesting feature of Dalton's tailoring is the raised seams, giving the illusion of 3D stripes, a factor of embellishment which has continued since this season, into next. Peacock-esque patterning continued this theme on suit jackets with the sleeves cut off, exposing some raw edging as well as the constructed layers below.  

Green and brown utility boots were worn mostly throughout, and camel, a trend for this season as well as next, came in the guise as a close knit, round neck sweater. Crochet also made an appearance, though used sparingly which I believe to be a good thing; lets keep the handicrafts to the WI. 

Panelling was a strong trend that continued throughout the day, with contrasting colours and spotted shorts made the collection less refined but with a small amount of stylish humor. 

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