LA Diary: The Same Guy, Marc Jacobs, Fred Segal

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In Robert Boyers' premier post on the Los Angeles fashion and lifestyle scene, he explores what LA's Fashion Night Out had to offer, and returned to take a closer look at The Same Guy, Marc Jacobs and Fred Segal. 

Fashion's Night Out, the Global event organized by Vogue magazine celebrating all things retail, was as popular in Los Angeles as it was in London, New York and Paris. Hundreds of stores - on and off the official schedule - from the exclusive and infamous Rodeo Drive, the achingly cool Melrose and Robertson Boulevards to WeHo (West Hollywood) and Santa Monica participated with a party of drinks and DJ's.

Marc Jacobs and Fred Seagal are two of the most popular stores in the city, not only because they are renowned names in California they also gather the hottest customers around. Neither are frequented by celebrities, for which Hollywood was founded on, but by those who define what California is all about; relaxed, creative, savvy and just pretty damn fine.

The Same Guy on Melrose Avenue is a relatively new store to LA, having come from New York via San Francisco, who's apparel is simple and relaxed. More over it is better priced than American Apparel who are rumored to be in severe in financial trouble. The exposed brick walls combined with the wood panelling gives a very rugged, masculine feel to the store.  I consider the basic yet vibrant colors of the apparel a winning characteristic of the area, plus the store sits well on Melrose.

Further down Melrose Avenue is Marc Jacobs, which like many other of his stores are a treasure trove of clothing, accessories, books. I just adore the photo below of the rain boots regimentally lined up like a formal rainbow above the coordinated sweaters beneath them. There is always something that can be lusted over such as the tartan scarf and the very on trend sunglasses, and the cobalt blue or black sneakers. 

Tartan, a trend that has swept the USA like a bush fire in the Hills, is represented with this jacket that stood out as not only an on-trend item for Autumn/Winter 2010. The wool jacket is also as an essential item for my wardrobe as well as anyone else embracing the trend on any level. 

Marc Jacobs has a library of books and magazines, from photography, homoerotica, fashion, interiors and the odd book that has no place in an apparel store. However, I took these shots to show how they fit perfectly between the shoes, accessories and collectively on their own. Jacobs has famously expanded his lines to all sorts of products, such as DVDs, music and utility wear. You can see his influence of this at Louis Vuitton stores as  many of them now have a book store too.

How Californian! A surf board that has no place in a store in the middle of the city, but it just feels right placed here.

I found these two pieces, a cotton short sleeved, crew neck t-shirt and a crushed mohair long sleeved sweater, which I would personally wear because of their relaxed yet stylistic aesthetic. It's all about not trying to hard and Marc Jacobs targets this ideology perfectly.

Fred Segal in LA is seen as what bread is to butter. Founded by its name sake, it stocks some of the hottest labels in the USA and is viewed as the Harvey Nichols of the city yet it is more relaxed and playful. Situated on Melrose (with its main store on the corner of 5th and Broadway in Santa Monica), the store was founded in 1960 as the world's only specialist all- jeans store but developed into opening the SM store in the 1980s where it still stands today. 

I seriously have an addiction to shoes, and in particular these sneakers from Y3 and Yohji Yamamoto.
With so many amazing sneaker brands stocked in the city, these have a great construction quality, the long toe with high top but mostly because of the embellishment, such as the raised detail above as well as the studded detail below.

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