LA Diary: MTV's The Buried Life Premier Party

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In his second post as Last Style of Defense's LA writer, Robert Boyer shows what it's like at a Hollywood party, and it seems even at 5500 miles from London the scene could not be farther away from ours. 

If you are bored in Los Angeles, then you are not there. Events in LA occur every night pretty much all year round and in Hollywood there are screenings, previews, openings and premiers. This occassion was the season premier of MTV's The Buried Life, a reality show in which four friends, below, travel across North America in a purple bus to complete '100 things to do before you die'. 

Hosted at the W Hotel group residence of Drais, an incredible space where we were crowded around the roof pool, which reminds many of an Asian villa, draped in muslin with palm tree's and lit by candle light. The show first aired in January 2010 and has received acclaim from VH1 and MTV, though whilst the topic is quite sentimental, the content is often comical with them trying to sneak into the Playboy mansion, crash a film premier , deliver a baby, play basketball with President Obama. Furthermore, after each of their plans, they help a stranger achieve theirs such as reunite a group of old friends, help a man blinded by an accident relive his childhood past time and reunite an adopted man with his birth father.  

Whilst launch events in London are, so I'm told, very riotous and more like disco's than parties, in LA they are quite quiet in comparison, with the hum of conversation above that of the music, not the other way around. And whilst the drinks flow, very few people wake up worse-for-ware and there are never queues that the bar. Why? Because we have table service and waitresses. Launch events in London sound vivacious and as exciting as the products they promote, but how many roof top pools are there in the middle of the city? 

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