Go Treasure Hunting with My Wardrobe

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Online retailer My-Wardrobe has had some exciting live and online events in the past (remember the £500 birthday giveaway?) and the new 'Operation Dockers' is no exception. To celebrate their exclusive, limited edition range of Dockers chino's that are inspired by World War 2 styling. 


So, to enter, a key will be hidden in a secret location in both London and Manchester, and clues to the locations will be put out on the My-Wardrobe Facebook and Twitter pages from this Friday morning. The key will be in place by 12noon and the prizes of the Dockers chino's and a Docker's t-shirt being placed in the locked authentic WW2 ammunition box. 

Cick here for the Facebook and here for the Twitter page to keep on top of the clues! Good luck! 

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