Braille SS11 x London Fashion Week

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Braille SS11 COLT from Samuel Kientsch

In an attempt to grab peoples attention and keep them entertained between shows and events, Braille founder Sam Kientsch sent a mobile cinema around to the hottest hosting venues. I remember seeing it on a couple of occasions but had no idea what it was! However, after finding out what the story behind it was, I have fallen for the Braille Spring/Summer 2011 collection. 

Further more, the film also was a celebration of the launch of the e-store tomorrow, October 1st which can be found here


The collection is entitled Colt, which professes to be a celebration of freedom, speed and optimism, and takes its inspiration from the landscapes of the Agua Caliente Canyon of Palm Springs, California. 
The quality of the Irish linen blazer with pleats stands out as a strong message towards this focus, as does the back seamed trousers in the same fabric which sculpts the body flatteringly collectively. 

This modern wardrobe with a strong yet refined and delicate reputation mixes a number of fabrics such as cotton voile, as used in the shirts, luminescent tweed which is incorporated in a revisable cycling jacket - perhaps a sign of the eco-times the urban man lives in - and waxed cotton for which the poncho is made. 

There is a return from last season in some popular pieces, specifically a contrast blazer, the classic straight legged jeans as well as the afore mentioned poncho. And like most collections for Spring/Summer 2011 the pallet is clean, simple and monochrome with a hint of geometric print and striping. 



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