Another Accolade for LSoD - The Most Influential Bloggers

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Well, it's T Minus two days until London Fashion Week and in between emailing, planning as well as trying to relax before the storm of style, I received some excellent news. 

The UK's biggest online discounter, has placed me and the blog as one of the World's most influential bloggers! It's all very exciting yet very unexpected as I had no idea until the email came through yesterday. Their experts painstakingly scoured the Internet to find leaders in each category, with a view to identifying those bloggers defining the future of fashion publishing online, within their respective category. The list was compiled mathematically through a bespoke logarithm program devised by the team.

The 'Fashion 100 - The Definitive List of the Most Influential Bloggers  has myself sitting alongside some of the biggest blogs in the World from the most notable bloggers, but in the Menswear category, some of the best boys from the UK are placed too. 

Thank you to ALL my readers, companies, designers, venues, events and everyone else who has been, become or is a part of the Last Style of Defense 'family'. 

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