All Walks Beyond the Catwalk at London Fashion Week

Style :
It was an early, early morning on a Saturday but worth the struggle out of bed, for the shoot for All Walks Beyond the Catwalk was taking place on the Somerset House terrace. 

The initiative was founded by Debra Bourne, fashion guru Caryn Franklin and model Erin O'Connor to promote individuality and highlight the idea that beauty, style and the right attitude is what's important in the modeling world.

It may not be menswear but it is an important cause, one that should be promoted more. Why? Because as the pictures show, skinny and young is not what makes a great model - being comfortable in your shape, age and skin does.

The group, photographed by asteemed photographer Rankin, was the launch of the event this season, with models taking part in a number of shows including Osman, Giles, Westwood and Matthew Williamson.

I spoke to Erin O'Connor, who remembered me from Graduate Fashion Week about 3 years ago, who explained that as a model, she above all, knows the importance of standing out of the crowd and that the All Walks initiative is something she is very proud to be part of.

Erin also went on to say that one of the models was a former Biba model, which launched again this week, and is the oldest in the group, but still looks incredible. And she was. If I look as half as good at that age, I will be very happy.
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