Weekend Trip

Style :

top - Mango
Jeans - Levi's
Scarf - Vintage
Necklace - Diana Shop

Me, my bf and one other couple went for a trip in Bulgaria this weekend. We sta
yed in Jeravna, which is ethnographic village. We also went to the town of Veliko Tyrnovo, Gabrovo, Sliven and Bourgas. Veliko Tyrnovo is the one of the previous Bulgarian capitals. It is very unique city and it is very romantic in my opinion. I am not sure what to say about Gabrovo, maybe only the fact that everything there is very cheap, extremely cheap:) Which is good, according to the fact that Varna is the most expensive city in Bulgaria. I do not like Sliven very much, because it is really boring, but there is a pastry shop that I am totally in love with it. You can see the big cakes and I am sure that they are super delicious. Bourgas is the second biggest sea city in BG after Varna. It is very modern and new and there is small shopping center called TRIJA with has very good shops, but unfortunately I did not buy anything this time. May be next week:)

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