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Late last week I took a closer look at the enticing and exciting Jaguar Shoes Collective, situated at No-One boutique on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, east London, which I blogged about just after its launch. I have passed it hundreds of times, yet never been in, and many of you may have too - it's the black fronted cafe on the left corner of Kingsland Road facing Shoreditch High Street. Inside, as you go past the rows of benched seating and the micro-bar, the white door above is a gateway into an emporium of creative vision. 

The t-shirts below are the reason I visited No-One because they are designed by a selection of artists that have exhibited further up Kingsland Road at the Jaguar Shoes venue. Each design is reflective of the individual artists ideology and personality, with some strong prints and images impressioned from their imagination onto your torso.  My three favorite artists, photographed below, capture the abstract and creative essence that makes London, well, 'London'. Although the prints may not make sense - a horses head or a gymnastic girl - they have a striking aesthetic that makes them must have pieces for the season.

Chrissie Abbott

Chrissie Abbott

Valerie Philips - I took his one away with me. 

Stevie Gee

Valerie Philips

The Dooby Dolls, placed around the boutique, I must admit, freaked me out a little and reminded me of toys played with my disturbed children in horror films. Though, on closer inspection, they have a certain charm about them. Creater Amelia Pemberton began making them at the age of 12 when esteemed scientist and screen writer Steve Birkin satirically wanted to recreate his sister Jane Birkin's in the form of a rag doll. All individually made by hand in London, they have won affection from singer Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine and designer Giles Deacon. 

To visit the store, take the bus to Shoreditch Town Hall or Tube to Old Street and walk east to Kingsland Road. Alternatively, shop online at

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