LA Diary: O'Quinn Clothing, Huntington Beach

Style : O’Quinn Clothing was established in 2007 with a vision to push premium lifestyle fashion into a progressive direction. Based in Huntington Beach, South of Los Angeles, close to the famed Laguna Beach, the brand claims to have shocked the public, trendsetters, athletes and celebrities with their unique fits, functionality, attention to detail and excellent quality of its products. 

Deeply rooted in the fashion, art, music, surf and skate culture of sunny Southern California, O’Quinn Clothing has created an quintessentially Californian movement, which brings together a determined group of creative, stylish, innovative and extremely talented people worldwide. 

I love the printed t-shirts, such as this selection, which come in a range of colors, with the print being the most striking and innovative ones around as I have seen so far. And with a price point of $22/£16 you can not go far wrong. 

To see what else they have to offer check out the O'Quinn site

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