John Rocha x BMPR

Style :

I took a trip to BMPR last week to catch up on the style goings on in London's W1 area, and just adored this John Rocha backpack. It reminds me of a snails shell, yet is beautifully constructed in soft black leather. A stylistic zip in the middle gives access to the 'hold', which is spacious due to it reaching from the bottom of my neck to the base of my spine. 

BMPR also had in a few of the catwalk pieces from London Fashion Week in September, with the best one being the top one below, made of neoprene. Heard of it? It's a relatively new fabric in the fashion industry, but is best known and used for wet suits. So I guess if you wear this out, you will stay dry-ish! I think the detailing on the waist is very strong and makes a huge impression towards the pieces construction. Perhaps a true piece of 'designer clothing'? 

The second is the tail coat made from treated cotton, and looks like a formal  evening dinner jacket. The cross over button detail together with the elasticated back detail, again, is another piece of 'designer' engineering and creative vission. 

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