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If you have ever visited Shoreditch in the east-end of London, you may have experienced Jaguar Shoes, the Internationally renowned cafe, bar, exhibition space and now boutique, called No-One, on Kingsland Road. It is fully known as DreamBoatsJaguarShoes, as a former venue next door was knocked into the current one to make one eclectic space. More over, down stairs is a rugged series of rooms lit only by candles and furnished with vintage pieces with their incredibly comfortable sofas being a must-sit experience.

At the helm of their new direction is a collective of influential artists that have formerly exhibited at the venue, and together they have formed a highly sought after and limited collection of bespoke products. The t-shirts, along with home wares and other cross-media products, are simple stunning and I predict will be incredibly popular.

Valerie Philips is one artists behind the t-shirts, as well as the artist behind the Little Boots incredible CD sleeves, Chrissie Abbot. But they have to be seen in person to see the beautiful prints that will fly off the shelves fast.

To visit the No-One store, click here to view details. And if you do, grab a cocktail at the bar and sit in the most comfortable sofas in east London.
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