Guyliner x River Island

Style : When cosmetic companies began targeting their ranges to men, the 'metrosexual' man was born. Face creams, hair products and light make-up were marketed towards the modern man who took care of himself, and his appearance. This ideology has chugged along for some time now, peaking with Dior Homme launching a full range of skin care for men that would rival that of an entire beauty conglomerate.

However, with many male, influential and iconic, celebrities opting for the more relaxed look, with overgrown facial hair, the groomed look has exited the male psyche...until now.

Launching on the 16th October nationwide at River Island stores, Guyliner is a pretty comprehensive range for men offering four core products. For those men who prefer the alternative look akin to Brandon Flowers, lead singer in the pop rock group The Killers, may see the £9 black mascara and the £9 kohl eye liner useful to their look. Although, two products that I will find invaluable is the £9 clear mascara, for taming unruly brows and to accentuate the eyelashes, and the £7 concealer to cover unexpected blemishes. Further more, the concealer is a tone that is suited to most skin types extending the products reach further.

The official idea behind the range is to develop the Guyliner range into male enhancement tools thats guys can access on a daily basis.

Defiantly more accessible, a damn sight cheaper than Botox, and a new era for male grooming as well as the 'metrosexual' man.
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