Arms x Topman

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A while back, I blogged about a really inspiring label from Dublin in Ireland, here, and since then Arms has gone from strength to strength. From this week, the label is stocked at Topman both in the UK and USA.

The strong yet simple clothing is 'lovingly made' and is a coherent collection that incorporates great fabrics that elevates every day apparel to something just that little bit special. The range at Topman is a capsule collection with some strong pieces of shirting, sweaters and accessories such as these;

Collarless Shirt . A classic check shirt with indented cuffs with a modernistic round flush collar. 

Mail Sweater I blogged about this last time, because I just loved the side pocket detail in contrasting colours, as well as the seam detail on the shoulders. 

Mail Shirt. Although I loath pockets on 'work' shirts yet again I love the oversized pocket detail, as well as the padded elbows. This piece is fun, playful yet has a fantastic twist I can't put my finger on. 

Block T-shirt . The half bib-front with corner check has a real simplicity to it, however the detailing gives it some interest which makes it stand out from many other t-shirts. 

Angle T-Shirt. Again, the half-bibbed front detail but with a striped detail sets this simple piece differently and interestingly. 

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