Mad Men Style

Style :

Don Draper is a beacon of classic style and a man ruthlessly obsessed with earning dollars - albeit a fictional one. The influence of the series Mad Men, from which Don Draper is a character, has inspired a host of designer collections across the world as well as being an historical indicator of the life and times of the moral-less and low principled within the 1950s  advertising industry. 

It has been well covered of the accurateness of the sets, the costumes and accessories that adorn every scene and every person. One accessory that has seen a come back as a result of the hit series is the money clip - used frequently to clasp around the 'green back's' securely stored in his pocket. Seen as a status item to demonstrate the new found wealth of the young WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) that Don excellently represents. One company Classic Money Clips based in the Hatton Garden jewelry quarter in the City of London has a stunning array of such items in gold and silver. 

Each clip is either 9 carat gold or .925 silver, meaning they are 40% gold or 92.5% silver respectively and can be personalized or engraved with a particular design. All you need now is the wad of cash for it to clip around! 

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