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Being part of a brand, label or store that you feel passionate about is a great reward in blogging. So it was a pleasure to be asked to blog for Garment Quarter, which is one of the hottest multi-brand boutiques in Bristol, in the south-west region of England.  It holds an incredible selection of some of the hottest designers available in the UK. 

I was asked to pick some pieces and tie it to a theme, and seeing as we are so close to Christmas, it was the obvious one to pick. It starts like this, below, and you can read the rest on the Garment Quarter blog. 

As the nights get darker, colder and the Coca Cola advert has aired on television, it is safe to say that Christmas is truly on its way. Traditionally a time for a pallet of red and green, chunky knits or jumpers with seasonal motifs, this year the festive period need not be so traditional or garish. Whilst the autumn/winter season trends for men are military focused, these are the pieces at GarmentQuarter online that can be incorporated into the aesthetic, with a few on-trend off-shoots....

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