LA Diary: LA Free Store Pop Up Shop

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There is a whole lot of love going on in LA on November 13th because as well as free hugs and smiles, there are clothes, home wares and accessories on offer. But if you are taking then you are encouraged to something back - promoting sustainability in a city that was built and runs on commercialism. 

LAFreeStore, will be popping up at Cassa Princesa Cafe at 4527 York Boulevard (Glendale Freeway, exit 15A) between 10am and 2pm, was devised by Krisha Hernandez Pruhs, a student in Sustainable Studies at Cal Poly Ponoma. Her initiative, which is relatively unheard of in the USA, initiates a "rotation of goods and services, food, skills, thoughts, handshakes, hugs and smiles whilst promoting sustainability", according to the thoughtful student. 

She went on to say, "We give to those who may simply need a new sweater or jacket because they're cold, or share our bountiful vegetables from our garden because it's a nice thing to do". 

"We all have so much stuff," Hernandez Pruhs elaborated. "What could we all possibly do with it all? And why do we always give our time and hard-earned money to purchase new items from the very corporations who purposely build low-quality only to make us purchase them over and over and over?"

It certainly makes you think, particularly in a world that is still coming to grips with recycling. 
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