LA Diary: England Meets USA In The Pub

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When I was at school, the name New Balance was a brand that dare not enter the locker room, let alone be seen upon feet. Ridicule, teasing about being a 'skank' and other harsh words were put to you if your sneakers were not one of the top two names. 

But how times have changed and the tables have turned. The brand is now one of the most desirable footwear names at present, and the newest addition us the 576 Pub Pack. Launching on November 10th at Neiman Marcus in the USA, the connoisseurs  edition is named after a very British institution; The Pub.

The classic silhouette comes in three colour ways dubbed the 'Kings Head', the 'Red Lion' and the 'Royal Oak. Containing references to pub furniture, the insert represent wood, ceramic or carpet flooring with glass stain logo. Further more, the sneaker has been made in England - the one and only place known for its quaint drinking houses - and combines the very best in heritage, craftsmanship, innovation and imagination. Not much unlike a beautifully brewed pint! 

Each shoe is made with premium European full grain leather with references further to wall paper or curtains, original wall artwork on the tongue depicting pub livery and the 576 metal lace keepers that nod to beer pumps and bar stools and tables.

This is such an exciting Trans-Atlantic production and launch and it will no doubt fly off the racks.  
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