LA Diary: Dirtee Hollywood

Style : There are many t-shirts brands or companies that I often look at and just sigh in, well, boredom. It's not that they are dull, but there are far, far to many that are often novelty with no style. I love a good printed t-shirt, worn in a relaxed style, that makes a statement or gives a humorous nod to current fashion or lifestyle news.

One brand that does such a thing is Dirtee Hollywood, a cult brand with a huge celebrity following, which redefines Hollywood culture as a global lifestyle. Founded in 2007 by David Long, the t-shirt label that has topical wit that has some of LA's coolest kids supporting the creativity and long-term vision of the label.

Dirtee Hollywood is 100% American made in the US of LA and has expanded in true Hollywood fashion; checking into rehab with Clean Hollywood. Supported by the cast of Twilight and Glee, Adam Lambert, Jay Sean and of course Hollywood royalty Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus and is stocked in Atrium, Kitson and Fred Segal - as well as being distributed all over the world.
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