Hairbond United Kingdom

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When hair and grooming products launch, they do tend to over focus on the packaging rather than the actual stuff it holds. Contrasting colours, silver inlay detailing or text then boxed and packaged to stand out from the other similar products on the shelf. However, Hairbond is a new, well, hair care product that comes in a simple, sleek and stylish pot that is sleek and polished. 

Made in the UK using the best quality products - and both smell scrumptious too of fruit - and have ethical practices by not testing on animals. Having tried both now, the products mould or sculpt perfectly ensuring a strong, lasting hold. The moulder creates a matt finish that is akin to wax yet without the shiny look. Further more, the sculptor is designed wonderfully for dry hair for a lasting separating and hold. 

To learn more about these great hair care products - who have a very hott site - check out Hairbond here. 
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