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The tale of the Golden Goose was one of my favorite childhood tall-tales, mainly because the Golden Goose featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But this Golden Goose is no tall-tale and is delectable as a chocolate egg. 

Having launched at The Corner earlier this month, the Golden Goose collection is a unisex capsule offering the forward thinking, eye catching pieces that has made his a cult brand over the past decade. 
But what's great about this collection is the exclusivity it holds at The Corner, part of, and its influences. 

The collection pays great attention to detail in the Viennese materials in all these limited edition pieces, and for this collection, entitled 'Journey Around the Corners', looks at the different elements of travel. Further more, the brand as a whole takes inspiration from 'street art' and reinterprets it in a definitively innovative and creative way. 

The brand was launched in 2000 by Alessandro and Francesca Gallo who simply love the worlds of fashion and art. Like many brands, they wanted to produce clothes that represented their own personal style yet could not appropriate labels to do just that. As I see, and I hope you do too, is the creativity and refined processes that reflect the desirability of the brand, making this a hott, hott label to be a part of. 

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