Charlie Le Mindu x Charlie's Treatment

Style :

He caused one hell of a storm at London Fashion Week for presenting his models in nothing more than a hat and is the hair stylist for the hottest popstar in the world. For Charlie Le Mindu has travelled from east London working with clients such as Jodie Harsh, MGMT and Peaches, to places around the world with his current client Lady Gaga.  

His current project, Charlies Treatment, is this excellently witty satire on the make-over show presented with (top with Charlie) Queen of London Cool Namalee Bolle Fashion Director of Super Super - the avant garde style bible of London fashion. Together they are taking a fresh and animated approach to transform a group of group of volunteers who are sartorially challenged, into chic fashionisto's. 

Targeting a varied array of observers and willing participants, Charlie and Namalee will be broadcasting weekly using one principle, 'it feels good to be cool'. This bold yet uplifting statement is the basis for the 5 minute episodes that will give viewers top styling tips to try at home. To view an exclusive preview of the newest episode click here, and see what you can engage at home. 

The official blurb says, 'Tired of the same old television formats and busy embracing the digital revolution? Charlie’s Treatment is a fun and creative take on the modern-day makeover show, designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile and web-based generation!'. This statement defines the overload in such shows that repeatedly plays the motions, often cringingly, through a process that can often demean or poke fun at the participants. But here this is not the case - it is all about the viewer - whilst on the go- whilst maintaining the integrity of both presenters and participants. 


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