Boy London x Urban Outfitters

Style :

Boy London was once the hottest underground names in apparel in the 1980s, bring together the hottest names such as Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys. It really is an exceptional first collection, focusing on a simple yet iconic eagle logo that will re-become, no doubt, a massive influence on the street. 

It was began by Stephane Raynor who is considered the unrecognized face of the Punk movement, as well as being an artist and collector of iconic pieces of fashion. But it was the influence of BOY was a hedonistic east London 1970s lifestyle where he sold 1950s clothing to Malcolm McClaren, manager of the Sex Pistols group. I took these shots at the Urban Outfitters store on Oxford Street, who are holding the exclusive products online as well - I think the pieces just ooze coolness and have a great urban edge. 

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