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We're back....sorry for the haitus....a crazy few weeks to be sure but happy to be here again with all things yummy kitchen.

Now what's on tap for today you might ask....go forth and read my friends.


There comes a time in any great story when you have to just face the a spade a spade.
For this blogger, and this story, the writing on the wall has taken the form of the ugly, grotesque, two headed monster otherwise known as the...

Just typing the word makes me sweat....scary she is.

But really, how bad can she be right?  After all, Ms. Budget is simply a number, an aspiration, a goal...or is she more concrete, hard, un-malleable, absolute?

Well my friends, here's this humble blogger's ever evolving two cents on the it pertains to the kitchen that is (hahaha...two cents- clever).


From the beginning.

Blogger says to designer, here's the budget- that's it- that's all we have.
Designer says that 'you own your budget and you have the final say/control of it but we'll probably need to adjust it a little....let's have a list of all your wants, do up the plans, and see where the numbers come in.'
Blogger equates this to...FABULOUS- I'm going to get everything I want and I'll be able to afford it.

She immediately starts shopping, searching, gathering etc. and totally believes that Ms. Budget isn't so ugly really...

Sure she's seen better days, smokes to help with the stress of it all, and seems a little, well stern but really, she's only looking out for everyone's best interests.

So blogger decides to make friends with Ms. Budget and follow her rules...she'll stick to the original number.

But then the actual numbers come in and they're...well...a little higher but still in the realm of what blogger feels Ms. Budget will be happy with so they move forward.

Blogger continues to dream/shop, with an eye on how the Ms. is feeling.
She actually kind of relates to Budget's side and really only wants to spend what she has- she truly, at the bottom of her heart, has no desire to live on credit...even if it means she can't have it all.
Sure there's something to be said for investing in quality (and believe me, blogger loooooveees pretty things) but there's also something to be said for saving to put your 3 kids through University or for a rainy day so really, blogger and the Ms. B can/do see eye to eye at the heart of it.

But then there's ridonkulously pretty marble that's double what Budgetpants says blogger can what???
Blogger's ideology and reality start to bash heads and it's only early in the game.
Blogger starts to think that maybe...

and a spend/save tennis match ensues....blogger isn't sure she likes this game...

though it is rather fabulous:)

She decides compromise must be the answer so if double was spent of pretty stone, cuts will have to be made elsewhere.
Blogger notifies designer that head chairs and wine fridge (gasp...blogger can't believe she's cutting anything that involves wine) will have to wait for another day.
Designer doesn't seem to reeeeally enjoy this decision and continues to send pictures of pretty things and ideas for total an utter fabulosity.
Blogger enjoys the barrage...too much.
Blogger starts to sway and begins to see her plight a little different than in reality, it is...maybe she is totally able to have whatever she's only money after all- what's a few extra purchases in the grand scheme of things?

Maybe she is one of those girls...

she had a dog once (da Bear, shit, you) that looked exactly like that one...totally possible.

But....the kids, university, savings...banker parents/responsibility voices that haunt her dreams...

So she regroups and thinks again about what can be done.
Blogger/designer decide that creativity/ingenuity must be the answer...Ms. Budget and blogger can get along...all blogger has to do is be a little more thoughtful about the whole thing.
After all she can honestly say...and she quotes...

If she can't have $5,000 lights on 1st Dibs, she can stalk the local haunts and finds ones for a 1/4 of the price that are even better than the mucho dinero ones...which she does.
If she can't have the entire room covered in wallpaper, she'll have a couple of fabulous panels (PS, just wait until you see designer's brilliant idea on that front- hollllly Dinah!!!)
If she can't have chairs...she'll do without...or perhaps offset the price with something else.

The point...she/her fabulous designer will make it work and find a way to have total gorgeousity, while keeping Ms. Budget appeased.

And in the meantime, she'll cross her fingers and say a prayer...

to keep the number in check.

And if that doesn't work, she'll pull out old faithful and pray to the big kahunas above...

for some pretty cross shoes...oh, er...a pretty kitchen that Ms. Budget approves of.

For after all, at the end of the day, all blogger/designer/anyone can really do is try their best, cross their fingers, and pray to almighty Jesus that their dreams line up with reality.

In this case, that means that blogger will end up with a kitchen that feels as totally fanfreakingtabulous as this one...

{photos via here, herehere and MFAMB}

without making Ms. Budget a total sour pants.


God speed to myself/Meredith/the gods on that one.

 PS, demo starts next week- stay tuned!!!
And PSS, check out Meredith's Sashay for her take on La Bu-Jey chat:)

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