LA Diary: William Rast x Target

Style :

If H&M are the European King's of designer collaborations, then Target is the USA equivalent and with their latest, Justin Timberlake's label William Rast, launching on December 19th (my birthday!) this status shows no signs of wavering. 

Under the GO International initiative that has recently seen Mulberry teaming up with the retailer, the hype surrounding the latest H&M collaboration should have cleared giving this project breathing space. The price point of the collection is very accessible, and very wearable however I would have liked to have seen better a better model, someone with more 'model factor' than 'boy-next-door'. Yet this maybe its target demographic however we are aware how well other brands have done with a bit more aspirational faces fronting their campaigns. 

But what's great about this collection is its wearability and understated style which, unlike many collaborations due to their popularity, are instantly recognized. Therefore you can be sure that not everyone in the USA will be wearing the same as you, or be up on eBay 30 minutes after launch for 100 times its retail value. 

I think the country-esque feel to the collection is really strong, very American however although it won't translate, if it were available, to British customers, there are some pieces I would wear, such as the basic denim shirts and plaid button downs. 

Take a look at the full mens look's below, and be ready for the launch on December 19th (just to reiterate, that's my birthday!) 

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