Dinner out and Thrifting

Style : We went out this evening with a friend couple. We decided to go to a small restaurant called BM:SEA STAR. The dessert was this amazing fruit salad. MMMMM, ymiiii...... It is my favorite. I order it almost every time we go to a BM restaurant.
The two white cats are my new vintage brooch that I bought today from a shop called HUMANA. They have a huge sale these days.I know that the name HUMANA is a little weird, but it does not bother me.
I also made a picture of the Cynthia Rowley's umbrella I received as a gift after buying her perfume from AVON two weeks ago. I know that it is not very expensive perfume but I still like it a lot. I also like the small bottle. I am also going to buy the next one she is going to release soon.

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