Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Nostromo Mode

Style : My third blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Robert from new blog Nostromo Mode. Robert is also one of my readers who added me, personally, on Facebook and we started chatting. He lives in Washington D.C in the USA, sharing his time there and California, which is not universally known for its fashion scene, yet Robert says, 'Hopefully it offers a unique American perspective on a city known for its politics than style'. And I think it does just that.

This item is a bit of a non sequitor, but it is my Holy Grail piece.  Everyone has one, this is mine that I have been searching for, and will continue to search for, since 2008.  Grey, red, and black slim-fit perfection. 

Just how a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport isn't a daily driver, one would most likely not wear these but for a very special occasion.  While Giacomorelli popped onto everyone's radar recently due to his leopard studded slip-ons, these for me are decidedly more wearable and less trendy. 

Lanvin, (arguably like Dolce&Gabbana), benefits from the collective arrangement of having two geniuses at its creative helm: Alber Elbaz for the women's collection; and, Lucas Ossendrijver for the men's.  He has elevated a simple men's sneaker to wearable, timeless, art

Balmain's aspirational (stratospheric) prices and styling of inconsistent taste border the fine line of haute-French-rocker-grunge and something forgettable shredded by an aircraft engine.  That said, when Balmain delivers the goods, it's untouchable.  This deceivingly-simple, yet instantly-classic item, will remain on trend and current, seasons to come. 

My personal style and design aesthetic are embodied to the fullest in this item.  This jacket is a traditional staple of a modern man's wardrobe that utilizes ultra-modern materials.  I imagine myself pairing this with a tuxedo shirt and black bowtie, or with lux jeans and a plain white t-shirt. 

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