Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Modern Man's Emancipation

Style : My second blogger is the editor from Modern Man's Emancipation a new blog, the product of a great, yet anonymous, writer.

The Modern Man doesn't take pictures from his balcony with the latest outfit he bought, doesn't carry a camera with him to take pictures of celebrities he hangs out with, is not defined by seasonal trends neither monitor his every day antics or cares to talk about how he feels this morning. The modern man knows that fashion needs to me more than a statement, more than an aesthetically clever trick to  present a persona, it needs to be functional, it needs to be comfortable and it needs to tell a story, the story of a man comfortable in his own skin!

I am not one of those bloggers who sits down and writes everything in a diary and keeps the dates organised, neat and pretty. On the contrary, I usually keep notes of everything in my head which is why I am usually late for my appointments or meetings and tend to forget stuff. So this year I decided to get a proper old skool datebook to keep track of what I am supposed to be doing and this A.P.C one is just the perfect one. Slick, understated and I don't need to get a new one until 2015.

You'll propably find me wearing a leather jacket all year long, and trust me I do need a new one. I am a firm believer that you shouldn't spent a lot of money on something you will end up throwing around and sweating in. This All Saints leather biker jacket looks and feels luxurious yet dirty and with so many zips, imagine the things you can do with it!

So, so cute!! I've loved the Diana Cameras for ever and I was always saying, go and get yourself one as it is a cult must-have. And this year I am putting it on my wish list. I know I should be going all extreme digital but look at cute!

I have a laptop case, a grained leather black one which looks very vintage and I am getting kinda of bored with it. I love turquoise as a colour and the MMJ logo looks very pop and funky so this year, dear Santa, I want to put my laptop in this one please, pretty please!

I hate it when your headphones keep popping out of your ear while you are bopping about in the London Underground, so this new year I want to go retro. I might have to re-think the stylized haircut but at least I look good with a messy one!

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