Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Male-Mode

Style : My eight blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Cillian of Male-Mode, a Dublin based blog which I consider to be the most notable, most influential and well, best in Ireland.
Cillian writes about some of the stylish and important fashion and cultural happenings and developments in menswear that often escapes other bloggers. His writing is informed, powerful and personable with a great amount of humor as well as great images, making Male-Mode a top read.

My recently stolen Dexter Wong for Topman LENS donkey jacket: cloakrooms are there for a reason. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Er...Twice.

I've developed a bit of an obsession with sailors of late - from the Gaultier 'Le Male' icons to the rugged outerwear of fishermen to Pierre et Gilles' thoroughly gay portraits. Having never read any Genet, I think this could make a good start. BUTT Magazine recommended it, too, which I think, is reason enough.

Because my Twitter addiction has reached that stage.

I could say something about this, but I feel that'd just be taking from your oogling time. Oops.

Named after one of my favourite novelists, and coming in the most versatile, and longevity-guaranteeing colour combination (black and white), these are undoubtedly my footwear-related Christmas want.
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