Bloggers Christmas Wish List: The FAD

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My ninth and final blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Hunter Cordell, who has the sleek blog The FAD which looks at fashion, art and design, from which the site takes its name. Based in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area of North Texas, Hunter is a recent graphics graduate of UNT, who incorporates his love of fashion, usually Alexander McQueen, into his ink, screen printed and computer generated illustrations. Whilst Hunter sees a lot of inspiration and looks towards women's fashion The FAD usually focuses on unisex and menswear, with a focus on shoes and jewelry. 

Take a look and you can even start your own FAD. 

I know, it's an oldie...  BUT it's definitely a goodie.  The frame is designed so that the lenses are easily interchangeable... and I think this frame would make an exceptional housing for  clear prescription lenses.

I've wanted this bag since its arrival on the LouisV web site... but i've never seen it "in stock" online and the only time I've seen it in person is at a trunk show and some one else purchased it. 

Does this really need an explanation?

I've been following the work of the secretive English street artist team, The Toaster, for a little over two years now... and I became an even bigger fan when they started producing screen prints available through online print galleries.  My favorite gallery right now is NellyDuff where I found this print... and fell in love. 

The color palette of my apartment is black, white and grey.  I've been looking for the perfect piece to give it a subtle pop of color.  I came across an entire dining set of these chairs at the Nasher Sculpture Center store and couldn't get my eyes of them.  As a single chair, it's the perfect statement piece that's playful enough to not hog the spotlight of all the other pieces in your flat space.  I am particularly in love with this subway sign design. 
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