Bloggers Christmas Wish List: BurBailey

Style : The fourth blogger to share their Christmas wish list is Shane of BurBailey. His enthralling and passionate blog focuses around his obsession Burberry Prorsum and is a great source of personal opinion and fact from the American blogger. He has an incredible eye for the aesthetic, choosing to focus on the best pieces within a menswear collection and from online retailers yet with a personal edge.

I hated this sneaker first, even the way Rick Owens wears it himself, but then I saw my all time idol, Faye Wong, wear it and I grow an obsession with it. 

Reading is the most stylish trend right now, specially with this graphite Kindle.

An accessory that is Christmas worth and masculine. 

Iconic BVLGARI b-zero inspired style with charity in mind.

Avant garde design and craftsmanship but with a hue of classic vintage. 
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