Bloggers Christmas Wish List: Anastasia and Duck

Style : With Christmas around the corner and having trouble reducing down my own Christmas list, I got to wondering what my favorite other bloggers are asking Santa for this year. So I asked them. From today until the beginning of next week a handful of menswear bloggers, from the UK to the Canada, will be sharing their 'Bloggers Christmas Wish List'.

The first is a friend, Michael who is the writer behind Anastasia and Duck, a unisex blog exploring the aesthetically pleasing and sometime the displeasing designs of some of the best known brands from London. A fiend for the small, and often, large luxuries in life, Michael has exceptional and thoughtful taste in pieces, recently purchasing a garment from a press day when most of us were guzzling free champagne.

I have been looking for the perfect practical black bag for a while
and now I think I have found it in this rugged combination of nylon
and calfskin by Givenchy as designed by Ricardo Tisci.  I love the
urban gothic, darkly Catholic feel of Ricardo's work.

What is a more appropriate gift at Christmas time than a Bible?  Well,
the iconic millennial special edition of art-house fashion magazine
Visionaire, complete with a Crucifixion photographed by Wolfgang
Tillmans, would be my Bible of choice...

My grandfather used a Leica camera to document his travels around
Europe throughout much of the last century and I would like to carry
on the family tradition, particularly with this beauty in classic
Hermès orange.

Anna dello Russo is an amazing fashion example of self-creation and
I'd like to buy into her latest work of art - her new perfume - J'ADR!
 I do hope it smells of 'fabulous'.

It's always good to help others at Christmas, and so as my final
present I would like to adopt an owl from the Barn Owl Trust - because
without Anastasia I might never have got into fashion blogging...

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