The Fashion Week Debate: Blackberry or iPhone?

Style : There is the on going debate that has dogged phone users for some time now; BlackBerry or iPhone?

BlackBerry is the original smart phone that gave us email on the go, but the iPhone has caused a sensation with an overwhelming amount of applications, from learning the ABC to flight arrivals and departures. But during London Fashion Week, which one has come out on top?

In my veiw, it has to be the BlackBerry , and not only is it my choice, it is that of designer Henry Holland, PR's and journalists and even the British Fashion Council. You can't get more stylish than that!

For Henry Holland has launched a bespoke application (or app) to allow users to exclusively buy from the eight, yes eight, slogan t-shirts direct before their retail launch. What's more there is a limited edition series of back-plates embossed with the House of Holland slogans and a HoH theme that can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World. Pheww!

Henry said, about the application: 'I have always been a huge fan of BlackBerry and love the fact that we are making fashion more accessible and immediate to consumers through our exclusive app. As fashion becomes increasingly digitally-focused it's extremely exciting to place House of Holland at the forefront of the revolution.'

But it is not only House of Holland that is utilising the popularity of the BlackBerry, as the London Fashion Week application has been a lifeline for the journalists, buyers and PR's once again this season.

BlackBerry users can access the schedule of shows and events from the App World, create their own personalised agenda of events, receive live updates when shows are running late - so that is quite often then - and access all live content.

But on of the most useful features is the ability to check all those small details that make or break an article, as the app gives designer information and bio's, along side news and photos. Plus, for those who are over-worked and under -played, it also gives recommendations on the best places to hang out in town such as clubs, restaurants and bars.

Now that is an application and a half! Now you can see why BlackBerry is the choice of fashionistas the world over.
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