Saturday Sponsor Love and a Try This from Kiehl's

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My gorgeous sponsors have all recently updated their shops so I wanted to give you a little taste of the latest much pretty!


Make sure you visit each shop (by clicking the header image or button to the right) to see more!!!
I feel so honoured to have such fabulous sponsors so a giant thank you to them- your talent is inspiring!

And now, since it's Saturday, it's time for my Kiehl's 'Try This' of the week...

I've been using this one for three weeks now- twice a day and let me just say, honest to the gods up there, my skin looks less wrinkly- I'd say I've lost at least 6 months worth of age off of my far- hoping to end up with a good few years of removal- early 30s, here I come.
Thanks Kiehl's!!!

Happy Saturday everyone- I've got a crazy one ahead.
Birthday party at 10am (that I still have to buy a present for at 9:30 when the store opens), and then it's primping appointments for moi, the rest of the day.
I'm heading to NY on Monday for a night of Blogfest fun so need to look my best and that takes work these days boys and girls.

Kisses and PS, thank Christsocks that Blogger seems to be working again- the Bloggerville ghost town yesterday...NOT fun!!

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