Re-purposing to Freshen up the Front Porch

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 We live in a ranch, and as you know, ranches typically don't have much in the way of front porches.  Ours is basically a covered area around the front door, but there isn't much to it.  It's always a challenge to find ways to make it welcoming.  A few months ago when I was in Charleston, I picked up this koi pedestal at an antique store.  I believe the pedestal is actually the base of a bird bath. Scrapping the basin part of the bird bath and just using the base is a good way to re-purpose it into something more useful.  I've seen some fabulous Hollywood Regency-esque bird baths (seahorses, palm trees, pineapples, etc) in antique stores and consignment shops that would be perfect to re-purpose this way. Keep an open mind!

I initially planned to put a piece of glass on it and use it indoors, but with a very curious 18-month old, I don't think it would be stable enough.  So I thought I'd find a way to use it on my front porch.

It was sort of a blah beige color, so I decided to paint it glossy white so it would look fresh and up-to-date.

 Since it is made of concrete, it was really easy to paint white!

Back on the porch, it's a nice glossy white (ignore the cloudiness in my camera lense from the HUMIDITY this weekend).

I picked up the biggest fern I could find to go on the koi pedestal.  Ferns are so welcoming on a summertime front porch, and their fullness and height allows them to really make a statement.

I placed the fern on top of the newly painted koi pedestal and set it in the corner.

I like what it adds to my front porch!  It was such an easy and inexpensive way to do something a little different on the porch.  Maybe one day a few years from now, the koi pedestal will make its way into my house.  But for now, it will do just fine on the front porch!

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