New York - Part Two

Style :
Starting where we left off, it's time for the good stuff.

And since it's Friday, we'll throw a little fashion fancy in there for good measure.

After sleeping off the earlier funk, I had a shower, got ready and headed downstairs to meet Dawn and Nichole at the Breslin, which ended up actually being inside the Ace so I was happy for the very easy commute:)

To say I had an amazing time would be a huuuuge understatement.
I've always thought that the best part of blogging was the friendships and gorgeous connections that are possible and my two hours with Dawn and Nichole proved that in spades.
The three of us ate, drank, laughed and had honestly, the best possible time.
I was sad when it was time to go and sooo wish I had thunk to snap a photo.
Thank you to these two fabulous woman for putting the hugest smile on my face and making my NY trip instantly so worth while.

Oh and since I have no photos of the actual fun, here's a little fashion day/Breslin/cocktails outfit...

The details:
Zara basic shirt, shinny jeans (a subsitute for the Hudson's that I'm happy to report are recovering from their bought with disaster as we speak,) Rudsak leather jacket, Paloma Barcelo snakeskin wedges/BCBG snakeskin flasts (depending on the hour,) and Ray Ban aviators.

After realizing how fast the time had flown, and two delicious cocktails later, the three of us said our goodbyes, exhanged big hugs and off I ran upstairs to quickly change for the big event...The Joss & Main/Design TV party.
A quick switcheroo and I was ready for the soiree, wearing the night version of the same outfit...

The details:
DVF Handy dress, Michael Kors patent/gold pumps, Michael Kors rosegold watch, Fallon necklace, Rudsak jacket.

Since the actual Blogfest events were finished for the day, most people were back at the Ace so I quickly jettisoned up to the room of my friends Vanessa, Amy and Vitania.
I vaguely remember photographs being taken at this point but they weren't by me so when other people start posting their shots, I'll hopefully be able to swipe some and return here with more scenes of the fun.
In the meantime, I'll just say thanks to the very fabulous Amy for lending me her very fabulous yellow and black snakeskin clutch and PS, adore all of you girls like crazy!!!

After we were all put together, we decided it was time to head out to the soiree and soon we arrived here...

at the Eventi Hotel.
Very swank.

You can see a whole collection of photos from the night HERE...tres fantatique.
I had such an incredible night and feel so lucky to have met so many people/bloggers face to face- I can't name them all for fear of leaving anyone out but let's just say it was amazing to have spoken/chatted/laughed with so many ridonkulously talented people.

Here's the one and only picture I have of the actual event, sent to me by the very dear Chassity.

Yup, that's Chassity, moi and Amanda...I heart those girls.

The night was filled with so much happiness and a true sense of community.
I loved every second of feet on the other hand, not so much...I hobbled home with Meredith and Lisa (PS, those two ladies make any event more fun/fabulous) at the end of the night and let's just it wasn't exactly pretty...not much knee bending if you know what I mean...definitely wish I had caught that 5 minute walk on film:)

So indeed, my NYC trip evolved into exactly what I hoped it would be and that was only day one.
A little strife yes, but buckets of goodness in the end.
Isn't that always the case though- having those not so fabulous moments make the truly exceptional ones endlessly more golden.

I'll be back tomorrow with the final leg of my epic 2 day tour.

See you soon my loves,

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