Mr Porter SS11 Drops: The Coat

Style :

Mr. Porter, the long awaited luxurious brother of, filling the male lux gap has just announced a couple of labels it will sell. They are not totally unexpected to be honest, but focusing on coats (although they let slip via twitter that Jil Sander and Raf Simons will be part of the general mix) I think they have quite a good mix of brands - particularly with Acne and Belstaff, two brands I think every man should own a piece of. I have been taking a look at Simon Spurr over at The Corner and I am really impressed by his sillouettes which are a little Dior Homme-ish under Hedi Slimane. Just to clarify, these are not the specific pieces though time will tell to see who, and what specifically, else will be dropping over the next few weeks. 





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