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I posted this shot a while back of my dining nook after I scooped up some new chairs. Though I loved the table/chair setup, it had always looked a bit bare around the window (which meant that myone-step-up-from-miniblinds blinds were quite prominently on display. Oh and ignore that light fixture; I obviously didn't choose it!). 

A couple of months ago I picked up some Dwell Studio for Robert Allen peacock fabric for a steal with the intent of turning it into some drapes (the same fabric that MoS Charlotte happened to feature in her Jezebel Chinoiserie story- neither of us knew the other had used it- it is scary how we think so alike!!!). 

So a couple of Sundays ago I finally found myself with a free two hours and set about whipping up some curtain panels. Total caveat here- I decided to go "no-sew" on them. I just could not convince my tired brain to whip out the sewing machine and deal with the stress of it all. I'm usually the first to pooh-pooh no sew projects, so you're totally allowed to roll your eyes over my no sew approach! Excuse my blurry camera phone pix here...

Yep, I folded the edges on those babies over and stitch witched them. Ha!

A couple weeks later (my DIY projects don't go as quickly as they used to, unfortunately) I hung the hardware one night while waiting for some laundry to finish.

I didn't even line or pleat them and I affixed them with drapery clips (honestly, who have I become?? Such corner cutting!) but guess what, the finished product looks great! 

They add a much-needed pop of color and pattern to my otherwise plain dining area. I just wish I'd done them sooner. Hard to tell, but the marble topped Saarinen table I added since taking the "before" picture also helps glam things up a bit.

As other apartment dwellers can empathize, it's hard to put big $$$ in to things like drapes that you know you probably can't re-use at your next place. Though I'm not really one for cutting corners in most circumstances, sometimes, you do what you have to do, right?? I'd rather save my pennies for Country Chair!
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