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It has only taken me forever and a day to decide on the pair of club chairs for my living room I'm going to order from County Chair. Well, the chair part was easy. I knew the moment I saw this pretty gal that I wanted a tight back, dressmaker skirt, and a nice rolled arm. 

But of course, what proved a lot harder was the fabric. As it turned out, leopard may be a neutral in terms of color, but it ain't a neural in terms of print. There is only so much you can pair against leopard without it looking like Donatella Versace meets Real Housewives of NJ.

I really loved the blue and white small ikat print (by Greenworks design), but alas, I figured the scale of the pattern, multiplied by two chairs, plus leopard rug, was an equation I didn't want to see the answer to.

I also decided that with respect to the blue samples I ordered, most were the wrong color, and though the Duralee greek key pattern pictured above was nice, between blue pillows, blue walls, and then a pair of blue chairs, it would be blue overload.

So the winner turned out to be this Duralee Abstract Sand (20771) that had sort of had my eye all along. It a large-scale pattern which I think will work well against the small scale print of the rug. Also, the pattern is very tonal- a subtle nod to ikat, without looking too punchy- so I don't think it's something I'll get tired of easily. I found it at Fabric Carolina for $33 a yard, but of anyone knows of any sites where I can get it any cheaper, I'm all ears!

Hopefully I'll be able to reveal the finished product in a few weeks! 
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