Callum Wilson in Kokon To Zai

Style : Kokon to Zai continues to be one of the hottest boutiques in London, selling a varied selection of edgy garments that capture the capital's aesthetic perfectly.

Here, Callim Wilson is photographed by Dimitris Theocharis, for The Ones2Watch, wearing KTZ's own label as well as Marjan Pejoski, the main force behind the stores. Styled by Charles Adesanya, there is a real sense of a cold, dark future with the blue haze surrounding the images. With a nod to a hi-tech future, the ear piece jewelry gives the impression of a bluetooth headset, and the visionary sunglasses suggest a nod to a Star-Trek style visor.

Kokon to Zai has had an online store for a while now, but a visit to either the Greek Street or Notting Hill, London store (or the Paris store at 48 Rue Tiquetonne) is essential because besides being fashion forward, they are clothes to go dancing in...

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