Back in the US of A!

Style : Two flights, two airplane meals, one wedding on the Seine, umpteen glasses of rose (I lost count), three trips to St James, one steak tartare, one metro strike, and two tired feet later I'm home from Paris and trying to get back into the swing of things. It pained me to board the RER on Saturday afternoon to CDG, but I have to say that twelve hours later when I walked in the door, there was something nice about being home and climbing into my own bed.

Many, many thanks to MoS Charlotte for holding down the fort last week while I went "off the grid" for a bit. I had thought I'd be online more, but the opportunity didn't really present itself, and I have to admit, it was kind of nice to detach from the electronic mediums that usually dominate my day. Things I didn't think about at all in Pairs: the oil spill (sorry), the Real Housewives (blasphemy, I know), happenings on the Hill, and other general matters presented by the 24 hour news cycle that usually get me through the day. A welcome relief...but we'll see how long this detachment lasts now that I'm back at a computer all day!

Now MoS Charlotte gets the week off and I'll finally be showing you a bit around Paris. Stay tuned this afternoon!

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