Ana Locking SS11

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Having an email sent from Madrid, one of my favorite European cities, is always a delight. It's an even bigger delight when an email from Madrid comes with images of footwear like these. The message in question was from Ana Locking, the Spanish label from acclaimed designer Ana Gonzalez to tell me of the SS11 footwear collection for men. And here it is: leather sandals in a deconstructed shoe formation with leather soles, in black, red and baby blue. 

I love, love, love these pieces - particularly in red or black as I am not a baby blue sort of person. The refreshing take on these pieces shows seasonal casual footwear in a new light and with covered sandals high on-trend for SS11, they couldn't be any more perfect. The hard detailing on the pieces is minimal but the small contrasting colours on the heal make these deconstructed pieces that little bit more interesting and entertaining. 

Gonzalez shows in New York during Fashion Week but away from the main event, her first in September 2009 at the New York Public Library for SS10. The collections are predominately womenswear but with some incredible pieces for guys, such as these below. There are no prices available yet on these sandals but I can pretty much guarantee they will fly from the e-shelf. 
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