A Royal Hangover

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I didn't post yesterday and missed the first day of blogging since I started this whole thing.
I think I needed a day to recover after the royal wedding extravaganza.
Wasn't it just glorious?
I seriously thought it was perfection.

Kate's dress was sublime, the tree lined church stunning, and the romance of it all undeniable.
Afterwards, all I wanted to do was dress up and drink tea- something like this...

The wedding was quite literally a fairytale and sent me daydreaming...thinking of things like this...

and this...
and this...

I still feel a bit foggy and drained from the gorgeous of it all.
I had a lovely visit from my parent's yesterday, which kind of brought me back to reality...sort of.
And today I'm waking up to my favourite kind of day- a shopping one!!!
A Sunday spent doing this, oh how...

Yes, I'm heading out bright and early to go to this...

You can find out more about the event HERE...it's taking place at the Distillery District- one of my absolute favourite spots in Toronto.
I'm going with the lovely Sarah, of Yummy Mummy Club, and sans de kids...shopping with no ankle bitters- a rare treat!!
I'm hoping to come home with at least a little pretty.

We'll see- I do have the kitchen reno to keep in mind so I definitely won't be coming home with lots of these...

But maybe just one...or two.

After all, I really should do my part and think this is VERY important...

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